Storm Damage Inspection

Storm Damage Inspection in Elliott, WA

While it is natural to believe that a complete roof replacement is an expensive proposition, it is important to note that there are many alternatives to a full roof replacement. In this article, we will examine some less costly alternatives to a roofing replacement. One of the first things that a potential damage repair should address is the presence of loose shingles on the roof. There are a number of reasons why a roof inspection would uncover this potential problem. For one thing, loose shingles can make it easier for water to seep underneath them. This water then accumulates over time and can lead to mold and mildew – both of which can threaten the structural integrity of a home.

Another reason for conducting a roofing replacement or repair that would be detected by a storm damage inspection is the presence of granules. granules are small clumps of damaged materials that form when moisture collects around a surface. Moisture warms and expands granules, and while granules are unattractive and visually unappealing, they can cause large amounts of damage over time. Specifically, they can cause water to seep into the spaces between the fibers and form irreversible holes or cracks. Many homeowners mistakenly believe that if a roofing replacement or repair can be achieved at a reduced cost, it is better than having to replace the entire roof.

Finally, inspecting your roof regularly for signs of damage, condensation, and leaks can mean the difference between saving money on your homeowner’s insurance policy and having to file a costly insurance claim. Even if your roof doesn’t need to be replaced, storm damage inspections in Renton, Washington can help save you thousands of dollars on your homeowner’s policy. In fact, having your house inspected for leaks, cracks, and structural damage can actually lower your insurance claims by as much as 20 percent! For this reason alone, it’s worth your while to schedule a regular inspection of your home.

A storm damage inspection is typically done in the aftermath of an extreme storm so as to ascertain whether the roof has actually been damaged. The inspection also helps a homeowner to determine whether or not they should contact their insurance company for a roof replacement. The purpose of this inspection is to help a homeowner identify possible leaks and damages to the roof that could result in a loss when the roof is replaced.

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